Industrial Cable Reels for hand operation

  1. Solid, individually adjustable cable guide arm with 4x roller outlet
  2. Return stop (can be disabled)
  3. Wound length up to 20 m
  4. Protection class IP65/66
  5. Massive mounting foot with 4 x 12 mm holes
  6. High-quality slip rings rated at 25A or 50A for up to 3 million rotations

Spring-actuated cable reel Type 28431110C-SRK

The premium industrial spring-actuated cable drums for almost every application. For use where quality and durability are a high priority.

Main features:

The springs used here are made from high-quality texture rolled spring steel with an exceptionally long service life.

Drum bodies:
Flanges and winding reel are in steel plate with polyester powder coating as protection against corrosion. RAL: 1018

Mounting unit:
Mounting foot with return stop and adjustable cable guide. The mounting unit is made in zinc-plated steel.

Technical features:
  • Sturdy steel plate housing
  • For indoor or outdoor use (IP65/66)
  • Operating voltage max. 400 / 500 V
  • Slip-rings: 25A or 50A; 3 million rotations possible
  • Slip-ring housing: fibreglass reinforced plastic
  • Return stop (simple to disable)
  • Cable guide through robust 4-way roller outlet
  • Max. possible wound length: 20 m
These units can be fitted at our factory with standard or special cables on request.
Katalog-ID: 70