Automatic cable reel with spring return

Cable Drums
for high-quality industrial applications

Automatic cable reels
for workshops, manufacturing areas or “simple” industrial applications

Automatic cable reels
for fitting into equipment

With special features:
  • 3-way versions
  • “Wild” or “spiral” winding
  • Individual configuration with plugs
  • Automatic latching or continuous tension
  • Wound length up to 6 m

Automatic cable reels
for earthing and potential equalisation (ATEX)

Earthing reels

The areas of application of automatic cable reels are highly diverse. Equally numerous are the devices available on the market, with a bandwidth from top quality down to worryingly sub-standard goods.

To use an automatic cable reel successfully and thus over a long period of time depends to a great extent on urgent attention being paid to a large number of factors.

We will be happy to help you to select the best automatic cable reel for your individual application. Please telephone our technical advice department - Mr Druschke, 02181–164594-0