Safety brake device for automatic reel with spring return

On ordinary spring-actuated automatic reels there is always a risk, when extended, of the rapid whip-back of the cable/wire/hose causing a “whiplash” effect dangerous for the equipment and any persons nearby. The most common cause of this hazard is the unintentional break of the connection between the cable/wire/hose and the consumer (tool) being moved (or the operator). With industrial reels in particular, the spring forces when extended are very high. Our invention counters this hazard with a reaction time of 1/10 second by applying the brake following accidental loss of the connection. After this, the cable/wire/hose is automatically rewound onto the reel at low speed. The “whiplash” effect is completely eliminated. Threat of risk to people and equipment is ruled out entirely.
Automatic steel wire reel with patented safety brake device
Automatic cable reel with patented safety brake device


Explanatory videos with examples:
WITHOUT safety brake device:
WITH safety brake device:

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